Anyone from the village who has done something interesting, which could be just living here!

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"On being Content"
from "Storm and Peace"
Page link: 'Fourpenny Phyllis'
'Fourpenny Phyllis'
Phyllis Fordham of Ashwell Bury 1882-1958
Page link: Ashwell Quakers and America
Ashwell Quakers and America
Thomas Philips(Phillips) and Mercy Jefferson
Page link: Ashwell's Link with
Ashwell's Link with "Diary of A Country Parson"
Dr Woodforde and John Beresford
Page link: Frederick Ernest Webster
Frederick Ernest Webster
Employed in Ashwell: His Childhood is a mystery
Page link: Hilda Agnes Laughland
Hilda Agnes Laughland
18 January 1920 - 14 September 2016
Page link: In Memory of W A Fordham
In Memory of W A Fordham
Died February 24th 1921
Page link: May Dorothy Cook
May Dorothy Cook
1 May 1936 - 8 December 2016
Page link: Michael John Revels
Michael John Revels
11 May 1935 - 28 November 2015
Page link: Mr John Sale
Mr John Sale
An Appreciation
Page link: Nicholas William Sheldrick
Nicholas William Sheldrick
'Nick' 1942 - 2016
Page link: Peter Shuttlewood
Peter Shuttlewood
'Mr Sunnymead'
Page link: Silas Worboys and Wilfred Bryant
Silas Worboys and Wilfred Bryant
Blacksmiths and Wheelwright
Page link: Winifred
Winifred "Win" Frances M Eley - nee Muncey
22 Nov 1931 - 10 Oct 2016