Ashwell Cottage Gardiner's Lane

Photo:Ash Cottage, Gardiners Lane

Ash Cottage, Gardiners Lane

Ian Pemberton is looking for his birthplace

By Ian Pemberton

Hi Everyone, My name is Ian Pemberton and I was born april 25th 1960. My Birth certificate says that my family was living at Ashwell cottage gardiners lane. I am trying to locate the house that I was born in. Does anyone have photos or a current address for ashwell cottage? does it still exist?




Dear Ian,

As far as I know the nearest we can get to Ashwell cottage is Ash Cottage, which is 10, Gardiners Lane.

Have you any other memories that could guide us closer to the correct address?

Peter Greener
Ashwell Village Museum

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Hi Peter, I checked my birth certificate and it was ASH Cottage. thank you for your help

By Ian Pemberton
On 29/10/2014

Hi, I am just wondering if anyone knew my parents. My Dads name was Robert (Bob) and my mothers name was Jean. We lived in Ash Cottage in 1960 although I am not sure how long we lived there. I believe it may have been a year or so before I was born until a year or two after.

By Ian Pemberton
On 07/11/2014

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