The Pub Crawl

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Pub Crawl' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'The Pub Crawl' page

The Walk starts at The Springs

Ashwell Walks

Ashwell Audio Tour: Episode 2: The Pub Crawl
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Hello, and welcome to the Ashwell Walks podcast Episode 2. The Pub Crawl. My name is Sally Fletcher and I have written this Ashwell walk about the long history of brewing in the village.  
Our walk begins at Ashwell Springs just off the High Street and takes roughly an hour to complete. If you need to drive to the start you may park your car on the road beside the green railings that mark the edge of the Springs. From the High Street, follow the footpath sign opposite number 7 High Street (Spring House), and next to 2 High Street (Springside Cottage). Walk down the steps into the wooded hollow until you are standing next to some stepping stones that cross the water.
Pause this podcast until you have reached the stepping stones then re-start it.
You are now standing at the start of the river Rhee, one of the main sources of the River Cam, which flows through the centre of Cambridge, then to Ely, where it joins the Great Ouse and eventually reaches the Wash 65 miles away. If you look up towards the High Street you will see the road is supported by a brick wall strengthened with arches. The springs bubble out of the chalk bedrock found along the base of the wall.



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