The Recreation Ground and Pavilion

Photo:"Sheep may safely graze"

"Sheep may safely graze"

Photo:Lucas Lane and The Cricketers public house, early 20th century

Lucas Lane and The Cricketers public house, early 20th century

Photo:Ashwell Football Team, 1921

Ashwell Football Team, 1921

Photo:The Home Guard on the Recreation Ground, 1940-45

The Home Guard on the Recreation Ground, 1940-45

Photo:Ashwell Village Sports, 1976

Ashwell Village Sports, 1976

Photo:The Pavilion, 1981

The Pavilion, 1981

Photo:Ashwell Cricket Team play a home match, 1991

Ashwell Cricket Team play a home match, 1991

Lucas Lane

by Rufus Talks and Henry Dann



Before the recreation ground was created in the nineteenth century football was played on the meadow at the Bury.


In its early days sheep still grazed on the recreation ground.


During the years of the First World War Ashwell had a hockey team.


In the 1930s there were tennis courts on the rec, near where the war memorial now stands.


The white shed you can see beside the playground was used as the pavilion till 1960.  You can see it behind the cricketers and footballers in old photos.


The old pavilion was used by the home football and cricket teams but away visitors had to change at the Rose and Crown.


Teas for cricketers were served at The Cricketers pub in Lucas Lane beside the recreation ground.  It closed in 1959 and is now a private house.


The community collected money for 25 years before the new pavilion was built in 1960! 


Ashwell Village Sports Day started as an event to raise money for the new pavilion over 50 years ago and is still going strong today.  It is held on one of the two Bank Holidays in May.


The present children’s playground was built in 1966.  The roundabout was the first piece of equipment and it is still here today (2005).  The other equipment is due to be renovated or replaced later this year.


The toilets were installed in 1974.


Today the recreation ground is regularly used by Ashwell Football Club, Ashwell Cricket Club, The Ashwell Academicals youth football team, Ashwell youth cricket and the Ashwell Veterans football team.







Written by Henry Dann and Rufus Talks (members of the Ashwell Academicals and Ashwell Youth Cricket) when aged 10 and 11 respectively.


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