Quo Vadis

Photo:The Philosopher's Gate, Station Road

The Philosopher's Gate, Station Road

The Philosopher's Gate

Document typed by Jackie Embury from Miss Hislop's handwritten green book owned by Janet Chennells


Along the Station Road, there was for many years a gate opening into a field which everyone stopped to look at.

It was the gate leading into the field where the late Mr Walkden used to dry the herbs which he had brought to him in large quantities by the village people, and which he sent away to be used in the making of herbal medicines.

The words on the gate were printed in Latin and no one now living seems to know much about their meaning.

They read:-

Quo Vadis
Cave Canem
Et Serpentem
Semper Vigilans
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
Semper Virens

The translation is something like this:-

Where are you going
Beware of the dog
And the ever watchful serpent
Who shall guard the guards
The evergreen

On the gateposts was printed:-

Minerva                                                                                              Nil
Vincit                                                                                                  Invicta
Omnia                                                                                                 Minerva

knowledge                                                                                          Nothing
conquers                                                                                            conquers
all                                                                                                        knowledge

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