Rev Henry Martindale

"In Memorian" 10th April 1946

Document typed by Jackie Embury from Miss Hislop's handwritten green book owned by Janet Chennells


“The village of Ashwell has been touched with profound grief by the sudden passing of our Rector and sympathy for Mrs. Martindale, and her family has been in the hearts of all.  The Rector’s inward spiritual life gave him a love for all who came his way.

During the five years of his ministry in Ashwell, he had learned to love the village and the village people loved him.  He earned the esteem of all, from the Bishop down to little children.

It was through his humility by effacing himself, that he touched all our lives, and yet, like all truly humble souls he carried himself with dignity.  None will ever forget the able and dignified way he would lay the flags of the Services on the Altar of God.

The Rector’s great life-work was the spread of the Gospel and the fulfilment of “Thy Kingdom Come”.

Our hearts go out to Mrs Martindale, and we pray that God in His infinite compassion may be her strength and stay.  As for him, he passed over, “and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side.”

Let saints on earth in concert singing
With those whose work is done
For all the servants of our King
In earth and heaven are one.

One family we dwell in Him
One church, above, beneath
Though now divided by the stream
The narrow stream of death.

One army of the living God
To His command we bow
Part of His host has crossed the flood
And part is crossing now.

E’en now, to their Eternal Home
There pass some spirits blest
While others to the
Margin come
Waiting their call to rest.

Jesu be Thou our
Constant Guide
Then, when the word is given
Bid Jordan’s narrow stream divide
And bring us safe to Heaven.

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