Loan Boxes

Available at Ashwell Village Museum Resource Centre only.

Cliff Jenkinson

Loan Boxes

The Museum has a number of loan boxes which contain artefacts from the everyday life of the village in times gone by.  The boxes are designed to go out on loan into the community (and further afield if necessary), to stimulate interest and to encourage a deeper understanding of the past.  They fall into two categories:


Reminiscence Loan Boxes

These are aimed principally at adults.  There are nine reminiscence loan boxes, containing between nine and thirty-one items each, with the following titles:

Crafts, General Collection, Handbag Collection, Ladies’ Collection, Men’s Collection, Photos and Postcards, Royalty, Writing Materials and Young People.


Topic Loan Boxes for Schools

In addition to local artefacts these contain notes for teachers, discussion cards for children and photographs.  They are suitable for use with pupils between about year 1 and year 6 and are excellent resources not only for history but also for stimulating good speaking and listening.  Only one topic loan box is currently available:


Others are planned to follow.


Please contact the Curator, Peter Greener, 01462 742956, if you would like to borrow any of the loan boxes.

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