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Photo:Ashwell United Reformed Churchyard - 2004c

Ashwell United Reformed Churchyard - 2004c

Jackie Embury

Photo:AURChurchyard plan

AURChurchyard plan

David Short

Churchyard records

Typed by Jackie Embury


Finding your Ancestors in our Churchyard!

Pruning of trees and strenuous efforts by church members during the year have revealed several areas in our churchyard which have not seen the light of day for many a year!  Graves once concealed by enveloping yew trees can now be found more easily and stones covered in years of growth of ivy have been carefully cleared so that the inscriptions are visible to any who might wish to find long-dead relations as part of their family history researches.

Thanks to research carried out in the 1980s by David Short and two students, we have a plan of the graves in the churchyard and a record of their inscriptions.  Together with similar maps and records from all the other burial places in Ashwell, this information was published in a booklet by the Hertfordshire Family History Society in 1986.

The earliest burial in the churchyard recorded with an inscription, is of Eliza Kirbyshire who died in 1828 aged 2 years.   There are a number of gravestones where the inscription is too worn to read, and several more graves that are just grassy mounds with no memorial, so it is possible that there are older graves than those named above.

Here are the family names of people buried in our churchyard taken from David Short's research, the ones in italic print have been added by Jackie Embury taken from church records plots unknown:

Plots relating to David Short's plan:

Adkins         25,34,38
Albone         33
Angell          55
Bailey          19,46,56,62
Ball              14
Barritt         4
Banks          Ashes
Bonnett       28
Bray            46 47,49,54,57
Broad          62
Bryant         1,27,37,43,65
Burton         possibly 71 or 72

Chapman     14,43
Christy         15,16,60,61,74
Clark(e)       52
Coulthard    59
Covington    51
Craft            59
Edwards      63
Fabb            44
Flitton          5
Frost            39,40

Goodchild    14
Goss            17
Hall             30
Haylock       31
Hoye            38
Huggins       62
Humphrey   29,41
Izzard          73  
Kirbyshire   15,16
Lawmon      35
Lee              20,32

Moore         21
Oliver         3
Pack           18,59,63,76
Parcell        19
Perkins       58
Pickett        11
Pitty            6,7,8,9
Radford      53
Ripshire      17
Scruby        14
Simmons    Ashes
Simons       21
Stewart      48
Strickland   22,36
Taylor         10
Thorne        19,74
Tilbrook     42
Waldock(duck) 2,23,26,59
Webb           13,45
Westrope    24,75
Widdowson 20

There are 73 surnames and 232 burials/ashes recorded in this churchyard


















































Next time you pass by our churchyard, why not stop and spend a few quiet moments away from the hurly-burly of village life?

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