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Letchworth Grammar School

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School Days

By Hazel Easterbrook (Sackett)

When we moved to Ashwell school life changed considerably in that Harrow County was an all girls’ school and Letchworth Grammar co-educational.  Instead of riding to school by bike each day Peter and I now travelled on the school coach, which picked up the children just outside our house.  This was a Bygraves coach and old Mr Bygrave (“Gaffer Bramble”) was at the front to keep the kids in order while one of his sons did the driving.  I think there was an amount of fooling around but nothing too horrendous. 

One of my life-long friends, Maggie Sturgeon nee Dilley invited me to sit by her and I can remember quite enjoying the drive into Letchworth and home again having a good chat to her.  Julie Bremner, Joyce Hedges, Margaret Dack and Ann Turner were all friends over the period of 5 years spent at the school, but Maggie and Julie were the special ones. 

I think I held my own fairly well at Letchworth Grammar and was in the middle to top group in most subjects, other than Maths.  I was a year behind in algebra and trigonometry as the previous school did not start until the second year and never really caught up. 

Teachers I remember were Mr Parker for History, Miss Knight for French, Mr Woollens for Art, Miss Rayment (Mad Meg) for English, Miss Deards for Domestic Science and Needlework, “Tiggy” McBride for Geography, Sport with Miss Morley and Latin with Mr Glass. 

My two Ashwell friends Maggie Dilley and Yvonne (Von) Revels both went to Letchworth Grammar and we used to meet up at weekends and after school in the evenings in the summer time.  This was usually meeting up at the “Rec” to hang around on our bicycles and then ride around the lanes. 

Maggie lived right by the Ashwell Springs which was always lovely to sit by, paddle in although the water was freezing and on one occasion try to use an old tin bath as a boat, disaster as it kept capsizing! 

There were two old derelict cottages on the Dilley’s property and we used to go and play in there with their cats and kittens and just to get away from grownups.  I think we allowed Mag’s younger sister, Diane (“Totsy”) and Joe to join in a bit; Joe was the baby of the family and a very cute kid with blond curls. 

Later on a family came to live in the cottage by the Museum; Mr (Bertie) and Mrs Hayes and their daughter Judith.  They were customers of ours and they were very kind to me and used to take me to the cinema at Baldock quite often when they went and I have memories of being at their house for tea on a Sunday and having hot buttered toast and lovely home made cakes. 


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