64 Ashwell Street

Photo:Sheila Bryant (82), Peter Bryant (74)

Sheila Bryant (82), Peter Bryant (74)


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My Great Grandfather, Arthur Bryant, immigrated to USA from your town. He fought in our Civil War and received his citizenship for that. He fathered 10 children and my Grandfather Wm Bryant and his wife Anna Belle Davis Bryant (also of English immigrants) eventually moved West to Oregon with my mother, Eva, and settled there. They had 7 children. I would love to visit. Im sure we are related because another cousin visited your town years ago and met Bryant's there that were relations.

By Kathleen Metzler
On 11/08/2012

We know from David Shorts book Snippets of Ashwells History and the museum records that Arthur emigrated in 1862. Two of his brothers and his father also emigrated at differant times. Some other descendants still live in California. The family can be traced back in Ashwell to the eighteenth century.

By Peter Greener
On 11/08/2012